The state of the Bot

13 08 2010

Ok I finally decided to take some pictures and video of my bot to show off. I’ve got some on flickr here:

Here’s a picture of the Makerbot. I like to call it iMakerbot. I have it outfitted with some nice shiny new orange printed Z pulleys. I also have an orange Z crank which you can barely see here. On the extruder side of things, I have a super awesome Makergear 0.4mm bighead nozzle assembly with a hybrid PEEK/PTFE insert. I’m just using the standard acrylic platform that came with my bot. Next to it you can see I have a little orange box attached. That’s for catching the test extrusion for automated printing. No more operator stop involved in every single print. The thingiverse entry for that is here:

I’m able to print with both PLA and ABS. Right now I like orange ABS the best but I also have some natural and some blue.

I painted the bot with a few coats of white spray paint and a few coats of shiny clear protective spray paint. It gives it a really nice hard smooth finish that’s impervious to water and 3 in 1 oil. I also outlined the Makerbot Industries with a sharpie. I just painted the outside of all the parts with the white and the inside with just some clear paint for water protection. I highly recommend going the spray paint route with a Makerbot. It is easy, quick, cheap, and it turns out really really nicely. It looks even better and shinier in person.

I’m thinking about upgrading my Z rods because I’m getting a ton of Z wobble which is both annoying and problematic for tuning skeinforge. The Z wobble shows up even more when I do higher quality prints which ruins their high quality attributes.




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